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    Typical manufacturing processes consume large amounts of energy, water and material trim through processing, cutting down trees and wasteful sourcing practices. Sometimes animal products are used in raw materials such as glue or accessories which makes the process even less sustainable to the environment.

    At Kaaius, we wanted to change that.

    We recognize the impact that our industry has on the planet. That's why we've developed mindful manufacturing practices to reflect our values. Our Products are 100% Vegan, with item made with 30% less water, 600% less energy consumption, and less material trim waste by 97% in comparison to conventional practices. This is because as much as we can, we try to source woods that have been recycled or re-used from large scale trimmings. 

    We care about our planet and aim to help reduce the carbon footprint left by our industry, one watch at a time. In addition, we plant one tree for each item that is purchased on our site, regardless of its value. 



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